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Obtaining a Residence Permit by Buying a House and Land

Another method to obtain a residence permit in Montenegro is to buy real estate. Since the country is a newly developing country, it has much lower house prices compared to other European countries. Therefore, we can provide our clients with residence and work permits without establishing a company.

For this, real estate purchase needs to be realized by applying to our consultancy company. There is no price limit for real estate for this residence permit. After the desired residence is purchased, the process for the application and permit is initiated within the scope of our company.

With the residence permit issued within 21 days, people can enter and leave the country as they wish. In addition, it is possible to rent the house purchased through our company and generate income from it. Our consultancy company manages all tenant finding and housing rental transactions and provides income generation. In other words, the profit return of the purchased house is also guaranteed in a sense. Considering that we are in the Euro zone, you can definitely consider it as a move that can pay for itself in a few years and offer a lifetime profit guarantee.

You can examine the flat you want on our portfolio page, which is expanding day by day, and ask your questions. Finally, the most basic point to be considered when buying real estate is that it is very wise to buy at the project stage. Houses in Montenegro are rapidly gaining value. Prices can be at very reasonable levels in direct proportion to the time remaining for the project to be completed.

For this reason, even thinking about reselling a house when it is finished is a profitable move in a short time. Of course, we need to know that the detail in question is valid for this period. In the long run, such opportunities will run out and will not happen again.

The construction sector is also progressing and making progress, especially with the participation of Turkish citizens. There are many options available in this context. The most popular cities, Budva, Herzeg Novi, Podgorica, Kotor and Tivat, have many apartments and businesses waiting for their buyers in this regard. For the aforementioned details, you can visit our office in Budva or get preliminary information by phone.