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Establishing a Company in 21 Days and Obtaining a Residence and Work Permit

For those who want to get a residence and work permit in Montenegro, we offer all the ways of permission within the scope of our company to our clients. It is possible to obtain the necessary permits in the shortest and legal ways as a company establishment and real estate purchase. Compared to European countries, we can say that both ways are very easy.

Even a person who has no knowledge of the process of obtaining permission and the steps of establishing a company in Montenegro can have these opportunities without leaving his home, thanks to our consultancy company.Because it is possible to manage this process with a power of attorney from Turkey. Obtaining the necessary permissions by applying the procedures and steps on their behalf is a process that will be implemented entirely by us with 6 years of experience. You can come to our office in Budva to discuss all the service details that we provide fast, safely and 100% legally.

You can reach us and get information from somewhere at any time by phone or the other contact chanel.Our company is in constant contact with lawyers who have full knowledge of all immigration laws, as well as following the legal regulations that change every year. In other words, it is a professional team that can foresee all possible changes in the long and short term and can offer unlimited support under all conditions. In this context, we are self-confident and have an environment that can contact all parts of the country. This makes the job of our clients much easier.Residence permit is obtained within 21 days for those who establish a company. Thanks to this residence permit, which comes after the application is made, a period of 1 year is given.

It can be renewed close to the expiry of this period. If the renewal process is made in this way for 5 years, the necessary procedures for a permanent residence permit can be started. We can also manage the permanent session processes of our consultants who stay that long.At this stage, we would like you to know that the family of the company owner has the same rights.The last thing to know is that there is no other way for citizenship other than high-budget investments. Currently, the Republic of Montenegro does not provide any extra opportunities for obtaining citizenship. Public misinformation is quite common in this regard. You can contact us for any questions.